William Bartlett

Non-executive director

Mr Bartlett has been a director of the Group since July 2003. He is a member of the Audit, Risk and Remuneration Committees. He is a director of Reinsurance Group of America Inc. (listed on NYSE) (since May 2004), RGA Reinsurance Company of Australia Limited, and both GWA International Limited and Abacus Property Group (since February 2007).  He is Chairman of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s Council of Governors. Mr Bartlett has over 35 years’ experience in accounting. He was a partner of Ernst & Young in Australia for 23 years, retiring in mid-2003. Mr Bartlett has extensive experience in the actuarial, insurance and financial services sectors through membership of many industry and regulatory advisory bodies including the Life Insurance Actuarial Standards Board (1994–2007).