How Having the Right Attitude Enhances Your Development

Chloe's Graduate Story

We've been in this grad business for a pretty long time. We're used to hearing all sorts of stories from our grads; exciting projects they've worked on, vast experiences provided by rotations, and stories of success.

But, we don't want to bottle up these inspiring gems. No, sirree. So, we're flipping the lid on #suncorplife. We sat down with 2012 Graduate Business Analyst, Chloe, and asked her to tell her grad story.

Your Name: Chloe

Your Job Title: Delivery Manager

Degree qualification: Bachelor of Information Technology (Advanced)

Year of graduation: Dec 2011

What is your job? What do you do day-to-day?

I’m a Delivery Manager for the Customer & Digital Platform Team. There are two main elements of my role:

  1. HR - I look after the people experiences of my team, including development, feedback, coaching and engagement.
  2. Managing delivery – I’m accountable for the initiatives and deliverables produced by my pods. This includes project excellence, managing stakeholders, linking to strategy, resources, financials, forecasting, and ensuring relentless execution.

What's been your journey in Suncorp?

I started in the grad program in 2012 as a Business Analyst. The Business Technology Service Desk was my primary customer and I focused on process improvement and managing small enhancements – including improving the knowledge base and the call handling process. This is where I realised my love for planning, organising and helping my team kick goals.

I moved into a part time Iteration Manager role before being offered a full time secondment in Business Intelligence. As part of this secondment I developed my Project Management capability and managed a number of concurrent initiatives.

When my secondment ended, my original Business Analyst role was changed into a Project Leader role to reflect my newly developed project delivery focus. I delivered a number of medium-sized projects in the customer domain across most of the Suncorp business functions before successfully landing a Project Manager (PM) role.

I spent nine months in my PM role, working on larger and more complex pieces of work in the Chief Security Office & Corporate domain. I realised that whilst I loved delivery, I also really enjoyed the people aspect and wanted a role that combined both. Cue: the Delivery Manager role.

What's the best thing about your job?

The people and the variety. Every day is different.

What has given you the biggest sense of achievement?

Every time someone tells me I’ve made a difference for them.

Why do you think you’ve had success with your career progression?

I've always been clear with everyone about what I want to do, I have said yes to opportunities even when I wasn’t sure they were the right ones, I have a mentor, and I have asked for help - taking on every piece of feedback with the determination to improve.

What do you look for in new grads when you’re hiring?

The right attitude and a determination to relentlessly execute – you can teach the skill but you can’t teach the will.

What advice would you give new grads starting out who are looking to progress/develop their careers?

Get a mentor, ask for (and take on) feedback, and make one more improvement (for yourself, your team, your customer) than yesterday.

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