Erin Allen

Erin Allen

Graduate | Insurance Technology

When I interviewed for the role at Suncorp, it was clear that hiring me wasn’t just about my qualifications, or my educational background. It was about what I would enjoy as a graduate; where I saw myself in the future and where I could fit into Suncorp. I had never been treated like that by an employer before – it immediately assured me that I would be valued and heard. 

I started out as a Developer when I first joined the graduate program but realised that it wasn’t for me. I spoke to my manager about potentially changing roles and received so much support for my decision. We decided to move me into a Business Analyst role, and it’s been an amazing transition. Right now, I’m working on a project for Home Insurance, in particular, integrating a repair and assessment application with ClaimCenter. I love that my role, while seemingly technical, is helping real customers insured with Suncorp, grappling with real disasters that have impacted their home.  

It was made clear from day one that no one at Suncorp needs to feel limited or ‘stuck’ in their role. I was surrounded with support when I first propositioned the change my role – even though I’m younger than most who make the decision to change career direction.

Before Suncorp, I was completing my university degree and also working with a small tech team in Rockhampton. I got so much exposure to all kinds of roles there, which I suppose is what eventually led me to becoming a Business Analyst. Coming from such a small company, the opportunities at Suncorp seems endless. The leaders really care about their employees, and the ability to move around the organisation without feeling trapped has been so refreshing. I can’t speak highly of the program enough.