The rotations: Suncorp’s corporate banking graduate program is quite unique. Graduates get to choose their rotations. There are options of around 10 or more streams to choose from (of which you can choose three). You can design your experience based on your interests. The streams vary as far as corporate treasury, commercial banking, even bank strategy. The choice is really yours.

The culture

Suncorp’s culture is innovative. The majority of employees work from home at least once a week and working times are flexible. It is a culture that recognises other obligations, family/work life balance. When you are at work you are expected to work hard, but it would be unusual to see employees working in excess of 40 hours a week. Suncorp has ‘hot desks’. It is like a library. You can work at any desk in the building on any floor. The senior management work in the same area (no fancy offices are given to Executive Managers) and it allows for a collaborative environment. In fact, usually an executive manager sits opposite me and my boss sits next to me. The Executive General Manager sits five metres from me in the exact same desk and set up. Most desks have a standing desk option. You are free to have lunch whenever you please. Basically, you can design your own day. You choose when you start, finish and break for lunch as long as the work gets done and you work within the parameters of your meetings.

Career trajectory

Suncorp has an extremely high retention rate of graduates and employees. Suncorp has a strong focus on personal and professional development as well as career progression. Careers flourish and there is always a next rung on the ladder. From day one I was given responsibility. I was writing reports for executives that had deadlines and the reports (to my surprise) were very important for decision-making. You are given responsibility, you interact with executives and you start building your career from day one. For example, in my second week I wrote an 18-page report for a meeting of executives and took the minutes of the meeting. It was a surreal experience.

Resources: Finally, Suncorp is a top 15 ASX listed company. Suncorp has a bank, a huge insurance brand and superannuation. It is as extensive as financial institutions come. If you don’t like the job you are in, it is easy to move to a different area internally. This vast array of career opportunities certainly factored into my decision. When you are fresh out of university, you really have no idea what your job will be like or what area you will excel in. The fact that Suncorp offers such a diversified set of financial services gave me peace of mind. If I didn’t like where I was, it would be easy to change to a new career path.