Building an Empowered Workforce

Building an Empowered Workforce

We invest in our people so everyone can be their best and play an active role in delivering Suncorp’s strategy.

#Performance highlights


invested per FTE in formal learning and development


Expanded our Future Ready program

#Leading our people through change

As a large employer Suncorp supports our workforce to build the skills needed to succeed in the future, ensuring they have the right capabilities to thrive in the economy of the future. Our learnings in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic are informing our workforce planning and new ways of working, so we are in the best possible shape as we emerge from the crisis.

In FY21, we expanded our Future Ready program by increasing the number of pathways for employees, increasing the number of people working in new fluid and agile teams and refreshing our long-term people and workplace plans to more closely align with our strategy and the new world of work.

#Employee learning and development

We provide a range of opportunities to support our people’s current and future needs, and provide extensive training to elevate them professionally and personally. Our internal training has been designed to ensure everyone receives the right balance of professional, technical and on-the-job learning.

Our Online Learning Space provides access to a broad range of tools, resources, programs and support, including compliance training, marketplace learning, Moody’s Analytics training, leadership courses, essential business skills training, study support, and other development. Our people are also encouraged to pursue external learning opportunities, and are given time off and financial support to attend training, workshops and courses.

Using interactive technology, we are fundamentally changing the way we learn, problem solve and develop our capabilities. Suncorp has implemented a new social learning platform, Cognita, that will change how our workforce learns, adapts and grows. It is a significant investment in our people and their capabilities, and it recognises the power of the individual to take control of their learning and their career.