Understanding What Our Customers Value

Understanding What Our Customers Value

Delivering value and meeting the needs of our customers consistently through quality, personalised services is core to Suncorp’s strategy.

#Performance Highlights


Level 1 complaints resolved in 5 days*


Level 2 complaints resolved in 30 days*

#Customer Insights

Each day we play an important role in our customers’ lives, helping them build - and sometimes rebuild - their futures, and protect what matters. We are focused on gaining a better understanding of what our customers need and expect from us as at every interaction and conduct more than one million surveys each year to gather feedback on their experiences with us. We also track how likely it is for them to recommend our brands via the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. The insights we receive help us to improve our products and services to better meet our customers’ needs and determine where controls need to be in place to ensure mistakes are not repeated.

#Customer Experience

Suncorp is embedding a customer-centric culture through our Elevate the Customer program, which equips our people to deliver exceptional experiences for customers, partners, intermediaries, and each other. The program includes:

  • a Customer Immersion initiative to give all employees the opportunity to spend time with our customers and customer-facing teams to provide insights on what we are doing well and what we can do better
  • a network of Customer Guardians who share continual improvement ideas to drive process and practice enhancements, and customer-facing teams help co-design emerging product and service solutions
  • Service Language that clearly defines what our customers expect: Be Genuine, Make It Easy, Own It and Find Solutions
  • simple Service Rules for our store network to encourage excellence in every interaction 
  • training 5,000 of our people to deliver better customer experiences over the phone

*Level 1 complaints: Handled by customer-facing teams. Excludes New Zealand 

*Level 2 complaints: Managed by Internal Customer Relations. Excludes New Zealand Team