Reducing our Environmental Impacts

Reducing our Environmental Impacts

Suncorp conducts business in a way that protects and sustains the environment for current and future generations.

#Performance Highlights


4.6% reduction in electricity consumption


23.5% reduction in land transport emissions from fuel-efficient hybrid cars and telematics


Continued Sustainable Suncorp and Here for Good staff engagement programs


Launched Guidelines for Real Estate Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Events

This year Suncorp continued to reduce operational emissions and waste, set renewable energy targets and refreshed our Environmental Performance Plan (EPP) for our Australian and New Zealand operations. This three-year plan set our priorities in becoming a low-emissions and resource-efficient organisation focusing on:

  • Reducing emissions: We are accelerating efforts to reduce Suncorp’s emissions and overall costs, aligned with global action on climate change
  • Reducing Waste: We are developing a group-wide approach to resource efficiency and measurement which minimises waste and maximises opportunities for reuse and recycling
  • Creating a Sustainable Workplace: We are developing programs and inspiring spaces that engage and enable our people to have a positive environmental impact.

This year we partnered with our suppliers on sustainability innovation: with our fleet vehicle provider to switch to fuel-efficient hybrid cars and use telematics to encourage good driving behaviours; our building managers to install rooftop solar in two locations; and our event venues to reduce waste. We worked with Qantas Future Planet to make our annual Business Leaders’ Summit carbon neutral and Simply Cups to introduce coffee cup recycling at all major commercial offices

#Environmental Performance Plan

We have a responsibility to continue to reduce our environmental impact and be transparent about our environmental performance.

Our Environmental Performance Plan has been refreshed with a broad program of activity for 2020–22, to further decrease emissions to meet our targets, reduce waste, create a more sustainable workplace, as well as support ongoing transparency, regulatory reporting and operational excellence. We continue to modernise our way of working and will integrate sustainability principles to deliver workspaces that are healthy, flexible and minimise the impact on our environment.

Implementation of Suncorp’s previous Environmental Performance Plan has resulted in a more than 65 per cent reduction in our Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions over the since 2010. We have also developed a group-wide view of environmental metrics and strategies to reduce waste.

Suncorp published Scope 1 and Scope 2 science-based targets to reduce GHG emissions:

  • Corporate operations (Australia and New Zealand operations): 51% absolute reduction by 2030*
  • Industrial operations (Suncorp Insurance Ventures): 59% intensity reduction by 2030*

Suncorp has also committed to net-zero emissions by 2050 and increasing the use of renewable energy. 

*From 2017–18 baseline. Prepared using science-based target methodologies. Industrial operations target based on a reduction per m2 of Net Lettable Area