Responsible Investment

Suncorp's Responsible Investment Policy ensures ESG considerations are factored into the evaluation of investment risks and opportunities.

Performance Highlights


Released our Responsible Investment Policy


Amended investment manager mandates to exclude tobacco & controversial weapons


Introduced a shadow carbon price into our analysis of investment opportunities


Appointed a proxy voting advisor & established a Responsible Investment Committee


total assets under management covered by Responsible Investment Policy


assets managed by United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment signatories


in low-carbon investments

Suncorp’s Responsible Investment Policy received Board approval and was launched in August 2017. It details our approach to the long-term sustainability of investment returns and management of the ESG risks and opportunities in our investment portfolios. It ensures ESG considerations are factored into investment manager selection and the evaluation of investment risks and opportunities. During 2017–18 mandates with external investment managers were amended to exclude tobacco and controversial weapons (land mines, cluster munitions, biological and chemical weapons) and these were divested from our portfolios.

Additionally, a shadow carbon price was introduced to manage the risk of stranded assets as we transition to a net-zero carbon emissions economy. The criteria for screening potential and existing investments is outlined in our Responsible Investment Policy.

Impact Investing

As part of our Responsible Investment Policy, Suncorp is committed to participating in impact investing. We seek opportunities to engage in impact investments that are designed to improve the resilience of communities, enhance the economic participation of individuals, or contribute to capability building with our investment partners.

In 2017 we invested in our first social impact bond. Issued by the Churches of Christ in Queensland, the YouthCONNECT Social Benefit Bond aims to reduce homelessness for young people exiting care arrangements in Logan, Ipswich and Townsville. The program also provides access to education, training and reliable support networks.

Proxy Voting

In June 2018, Suncorp reviewed its proxy voting arrangements to ensure all proxies are voted in a manner consistent with Suncorp’s Corporate Responsibility Principles. We appointed a proxy voting advisor who will exercise and oversee our votes based on Suncorp’s proxy voting principles and standing instructions. We also established a Responsible Investment Committee which will govern voting decisions. Commencing in 2018–19, Suncorp will publish an annual summary of proxy voting activity.