Suncorp's Environmental Footprint

Suncorp believes in conducting business in a way that protects and sustains the environment for current and future generations.

Performance Highlights


7% reduction in electricity consumption


6% reduction in fuel used in company vehicles


12% reduction in air travel


Published our Environmental Performance Plan

We believe we have a responsibility to continue to reduce our environmental impact and be transparent about our environmental performance.

In 2018, Suncorp published an Environmental Performance Plan (EPP) that aims to proactively reduce the environmental footprint of our business operations, foster partnerships, engage and educate our people, and track and openly disclose our environmental performance. The EPP outlines specific actions and timeframes for 2018–19 and will be refreshed annually.

Suncorp continues to modernise the way we work, while reducing our impact on the environment. Recent commercial office consolidations in Sydney and Auckland have integrated sustainability principles and employee wellness standards to deliver a flexible workspace for the future. The next phase of our real estate consolidation plan includes Adelaide and the new corporate headquarters in Brisbane