Suncorp’s Customer Advocate

Suncorp’s Customer Advocate was appointed in 2017 to champion the voice of the customer across the organisation.

Performance Highlight


Hosted a Consumer Group Day to better understand consumer issues

The Executive General Manager Customer Advocate presents to the Board’s Risk Committee on the Office's activities.

During 2017–18 the Office:
  • hosted a Consumer Group Day to learn more about the issues impacting consumers
  • helped establish the industry’s Customer Advocate Forums to bring banks together to collaborate on solving customer issues 
  • continued to develop the Customer Advocate’s processes and engaged with front-line teams to betterunderstand and prevent complaints
  • provided our people direct access to Suncorp’s Customer Advocate Office to raise concerns confidentially
  • supported the redesign of customer engagement processes for insurance claims lodgement and Bank hardship
  • continued to support implementation of the Financial Inclusion Action Plan 
  • partnered with Uniting Kildonan to complete an internal Vulnerable Customer Review
  • progressed our Vulnerable Customer Strategy and new Vulnerable Customer Reporting system

The Office reviewed 15 complex and sensitive complaints to ensure a quick resolution for our customers. In an industry first, our Customer Advocate role extends beyond banking to include our insurance business in Australia.

Case Studies