Highway to heaven: New partnership turbo charges car buying



Highway to heaven: New partnership turbo charges car buying

Purchasing a vehicle just became much easier, thanks to a new partnership between Suncorp and specialist car buying service Georgie, an Eclipx Group business (ECX:AX). 

Georgie, matches competitively priced vehicles tailored to an individual’s lifestyle, arranges test drives, manages trading-in their old car and coordinates the delivery of a new car.

“Our partnership with Georgie will help make buying a car as cost-effective, hassle-free and efficient for our customers as possible,” said Suncorp Head of Customer Solutions, Samantha Miller. 

The partnership follows new Suncorp research that revealed buying a car is one of the most common ‘big moments in life’ for Australians. 

Australians feel more excited about purchasing a vehicle compared to other big life moments like changing careers or embarking on long term study – which is why we want the process to be as easy as possible for our customers.

Samantha Miller, Suncorp Head of Customer Solutions

Buying a car is often a bigger investment in time and money than many people anticipate explained Eclipx Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Doc Klotz.

“The process of visiting car yards outside of work and on weekends combined with the number of car choices is a huge investment of time. Negotiating for a new vehicle can also be overwhelming and stressful, resulting in customers purchasing a vehicle that’s not 100 per cent right.  

“Our Car Buying Specialists have a deep understanding of the thousands of cars on the market. They match a customer’s needs with available cars to ensure buyers get the right vehicle the first time. Once we’ve matched you with the right vehicle, Georgie takes out the stress of negotiating and works to get you the best price.”

By getting a better understanding of the buyers’ needs, Georgie ensures customers get a vehicle that fits their lifestyle at a price they’re happy with, at a great price, while avoiding common car buying mishaps. 

“Customers receive great service and can achieve exactly what they want, regardless of where in the country they are, and dealers get to expand their customer base by selling outside of their regions.”

Brisbane’s Lee Perren and her husband can attest to Georgie’s capability. 

“We’d done our research and knew what we wanted. But after visiting several Queensland dealers we couldn’t find what we were looking for,” Lee said.  

“Georgie found us the exact car we wanted, which happened to be in Melbourne. When we decided to buy, they quickly paid us for our trade-in and delivered our new car to the door, making the whole process effortless. 

“Buying a car unseen was a bit daunting, but the team at Georgie put us at ease by guiding us through the process and quickly answering our questions every step of the way. I’d definitely use them again.”