Recovery efforts revealed as the Salvation Army releases its 2022 Flood Appeal Report


One year on from the East Coast Floods, the Salvation Army has released its 2022 Flood Appeal Report, showing the human impact of donations received during last year’s significant weather disaster.


The Suncorp Team with the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has released a Report outlining the results of one of its biggest natural disaster appeals, revealing a significant collection of $17.87 million was donated to the cause.

The 2022 Flood Appeal was launched on 1 March 2022 as an immediate response to the damage inflicted in south east Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Suncorp donated $200k after the 2022 Floods to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal, distributing the funds between five not-for-profits: GIVIT, Red Cross, the Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul and Lifeline.

Piper Ashburn, Recovery Outreach Team Leader for the Salvation Army’s Strategic Emergency & Disaster Management team says the donations made by corporate organisations speak to the importance of collaboration between charities and the private sector.

“We all play our role in the way we help the victims of floods,” she says.

“Companies like Suncorp and the Salvos working together in collaboration to help impacted people speaks to our organisations’ mutual values.”

Beyond temporary housing, meal support and financial assistance, the Salvation Army Report shares how the organisation distributes funds towards long-term recovery efforts, a phase which Piper says is where people incur the largest expenses.

“The long-term recovery phase is where we’re able to dedicate grants to communities in the hope they might contribute it to something long-term, something meaningful beyond their ‘immediate needs’ – like mental health support and counselling as an example, which is a huge need for many of the communities we support.”

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Suncorp Head of Flood Response and Event Claims, Toni Harley, says that in times of crisis, Suncorp is committed to assisting those whose lives have been impacted.

“We’ve seen how the lives of so many have been affected by the East Coast Floods, many of which are still working through the long-term emotional and physical impact of being displaced,” she says.

Toni Harley, Suncorp Head of Flood Response and Event Claims

Suncorp is committed to extending our purpose of building futures and protecting what matters to all people impacted by natural disasters, not just our customers. This is where our relationship with our community partners, and charities like the Salvation Army comes in.

The Flood Report reveals that more than $13.44 million was distributed in financial assistance to affected communities in the first seven months of the floods. The Salvation Army leaned in significantly during the early recovery phase, contributing to the operation of more than 30 government-run recovery hubs in New South Wales and Queensland in the floods’ peak phase.

Piper says that without the funds donated to the Flood Appeal, the Salvation Army wouldn’t have the capacity or resources to help as many people as they did during the floods.

“Every dollar contributed to the Salvo’s Flood Appeal is utilised in some way by our grant recipients,” she says.

“You might not realise the difference your contribution makes, but to the person who receives it – it could be life-saving.”  

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