Queensland’s worst CTP-related injury hot spots revealed


The most common place, time and type of injury-caused motor accidents on roads in towns and cities from around Queensland have been identified according to new Suncorp Compulsory Third Party (CTP) claims data .

Queensland’s top cities for CTP related injury claims included Brisbane metro and surrounding area (32,069 claims), The Gold Coast (8,563 claims), Toowoomba (992 claims) and the Sunshine Coast (867 claims). 

According to the data, it’s the combination of congestion, intersections and morning commuting that creates the perfect environment for car accidents that result in motor accident injury claims. 

It also revealed nose-to-tail and intersection collisions are most common types of accidents, and morning was revealed as the most dangerous time on our roads.

Suncorp spokesperson Ashleigh Paterson said by showing motorists where and what to look out for when driving, they can be more vigilant and avoid such common accidents. 

“The data shows that busy stretches of road carrying high volumes of traffic, with many intersections, which create congestion during peak periods, making injury causing crashes more likely to happen,” Ms Paterson said.

“Roads with high crash volumes have vehicles crossing lanes at multiple intersections, stopping and starting due to congestion, combined with the morning rush, so any lapse in concentration can lead to an accident.”

Ms Paterson also encouraged Queenslanders to take the time to understand their insurance policy to be clear on what they are, and what they’re not covered for. 

“Despite all motorists paying for CTP insurance as part of their car registration, we know many people don’t understand what they’re covered for. 

“This is particularly concerning for drivers in Queensland where current legislation only provides ‘at-fault cover’ meaning the driver must have been negligent for an injured third party (i.e. passenger or driver from other vehicle) to be eligible to make a CTP claim.

“This results in around 40 per cent of those injured on Queensland roads not being covered by CTP insurance every year, making the importance of safe driving even more critical. 

“We all have a part to play to ensure everyone commutes safely on our roads and concentration behind the wheel is key. Drivers need to pay extra attention, particularly when even a minor crash can be devastating for anyone involved,” concluded Ms Paterson.

Note to reader: CTP is a legal requirement in every state and is designed to cover a vehicle for the injuries to people other than the driver in the event of an accident. It does not cover the cost of damage to cars or property. Unlike southern states, in Queensland if no driver is found to have been negligent, no injured party receives support from the CTP insurer.

*Note: Suncorp analysed 54,542 CTP insurance claims from within Queensland from 2013 - 2018 to determine accident hotspots. The propensity to lodge a CTP claim can vary significantly in different regions of Queensland. 

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