Suncorp wins age diversity award


Suncorp has been awarded the Susan Ryan Age Diversity Award at this year’s Australian HR Institute Awards, for its innovative approach in attracting and engaging mature-aged employees.


Suncorp wins age diversity award

Accepting the award, Suncorp’s Chief Customer and Digital Officer Lisa Harrison said she was thrilled that the company’s practices were recognised by the HR industry.

"Our mature-age employees bring a wealth of experience and understanding that benefits customers and our people," Lisa said.

"Having an inclusive culture and diverse workforce promotes greater innovation and drives responsiveness to customer needs. It’s for this reason we are taking strides to ensure our workforce represents all ages of the customers and communities we serve."

Suncorp has a passionate and engaged employee resource group for its over 50s community to champion their professional experience. 

The group – called “LIFE-X” for life experience – explores learning opportunities and late-stage career options targeted for this age group to help attract mature-aged employees and improve retention of organisational knowledge.

One of its most popular initiatives is a mentoring program, which sees mature-aged employees matched with millennials to encourage knowledge-sharing and networking across generations.

The Australian HR Institute Awards is Australia’s most prestigious HR awards program, recognising the best HR practices that make a difference to organisations.

#Maggie’s story

Maggie Sully joined Suncorp 30 years ago as a data entry clerk when she sought flexible work close to home while raising her two young children.

Those children are now approaching their 40s, and while Maggie has started planning for retirement, the flexibility that allowed her to balance work and family early in her career is now helping her gradually cut back her days in her role as a store consultant.

"I still have a passion for work – I love interacting with customers and the variety I experience every day," she said.

"I’ve met many colourful characters over the years and still keep in touch with many of my former colleagues.

"Having flexible work options made it less challenging when my children were young, and it’s allowed me to think of continuing to work for Suncorp – maybe three days week."

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