Fatality Free Friday 2019: We all share the road


For the 13th consecutive year, Suncorp has joined forces with the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) to support its Fatality Free Friday initiative.


Fatality Free Friday 2019: We all share the road

An initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, Fatality Free Friday is an annual campaign which encourages the support and commitment of Australian drivers to actively reduce the road toll through safe driving behaviours.

“We all share the road – is the simple, but important message of this year’s campaign because most of us drive every single day and we can easily become complacent,” said Suncorp’s Executive Manager of Queensland CTP, Dan Wilkinson.

This complacency puts everyone in danger, and it’s not just drivers that suffer the consequences.

Suncorp’s Executive Manager of Queensland CTP, Dan Wilkinson.

Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) research revealed road trauma is the number one killer of children aged 14 and under and the second highest killer of young people aged under 24. 

Concerningly, more than half (52 per cent) of Australian parents admit to speeding, using their mobile phone or driving distracted while their own kids are in the car. Further, 20 per cent of drivers admit to similar bad driving behaviour with someone else’s kids are in the car. 

“We wouldn’t leave the pool gate open, let our kids ride their bikes without helmets or let them walk home alone at night. So, why are we speeding, using mobile phones while driving and disregarding simple road rules,” said Mr Wilkinson.

Australian Road Safety Foundation Chief Executive Russell White said that by partnering with leading insurers like Suncorp, we’re getting the safe driving message out to more drivers.

“Everyone has a part to play when it comes to reducing the road toll. We’re proud of this industry partnership that sees us and Suncorp working together to get the safety message out this Fatality Free Friday.

“All road users need understand that we all share the road and drivers need to be extra vigilant when behind the wheel. Slow down, be aware of your surroundings and stay off your phones, particularly when even the smallest accident can be so devastating,” said Mr White.

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