Suncorp's response to
PageUp security incident

Suncorp has been informed by PageUp, Suncorp’s technology provider for recruitment, of a security breach of PageUp’s systems. We take the security of data seriously and took the precautionary measure of shutting down our connection to PageUp while independent reviews were conducted.

Following independent assessment of PageUp’s actions and security processes by PwC, Suncorp has decided to resume connection to PageUp.

What information may have been compromised?

PageUp has advised that information that may have been affected includes contact details (including name, email address, address and telephone number), biographical details (including gender, nationality and whether the applicant was a local resident at the time of application) and employment details at the time of application (including employment status, company and title). For current and former employees, this may also include Suncorp contact details.

While there is evidence to suggest that usernames and passwords were targeted, the passwords are protected using encryption.

Importantly, PageUp has confirmed that CVs, financial information, Australian tax file numbers, employee performance reports and employment contracts are not affected in this incident.

What steps should I take?

PageUp recommends that you should immediately change your password. You can visit the PageUp Website or contact PageUp at

If you have been a victim of a cybercrime such as fraud, report it to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN).

As a reminder, to protect yourself, don’t open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or emails, and don’t click on links or open attachments. As a precaution, we recommend that you remain vigilant for any unusual activity. For general information about protecting your data privacy, visit the ACCC’s website.

As we receive further information from PageUp we will be updating our website, please refer back to this site for future updates.

Suncorp takes the security of data seriously and we apologise for any concern that this may cause. If you have applied for a role at Suncorp and would like further assistance please email

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