Our Group

We are a financial services group supporting millions of customers through our network of brands. Our business is focused on helping customers take positive action to improve their financial wellbeing.

Our Strategy

Suncorp maintains its position as one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading financial services organisations. 

Through a network of interconnected brands and experiences, Suncorp is building an ecosystem of financial wellbeing products, third-party partners and solutions that aim to improve the lives of and protect our nine million customers. 

We're committed to making financial services easy for our customers by offering a choice of flexible solutions from our network of brands or those of partners conveniently accessible online, on the phone or in person at a Suncorp store. Our strategy will be achieved through three strategic priorities: 


Elevate the customer

We use insights to understand and meet customer needs, and continue to embed a customer-centric culture. Our goal is to deliver customer experiences that are consistently great, and brilliant in the moments that matter.


Inspire our people

We are fostering a diverse, inclusive and highly engaged workforce. We are committed to empowering, engaging and creating an environment where our people have the support, capability, technology and workspace to be their best.


Drive momentum and growth

We are building and protecting Suncorp’s reputation for excellence in manufacturing financial services solutions for customers in Australia and New Zealand. We focus on targeted revenue growth opportunities, operational excellence including simplification and digitisation, and disciplined portfolio management.