Our Group

Our Group

Our strategy requires us to strengthen our core businesses. We will stay focused on our customers, products and brands while building on our strong digital foundations and driving operational excellence.

#Our Strategy

We will build sustainable competitive advantage across four strategic capabilities: brilliant customer experience; digital; product innovation; and engaged and enabled people.

Brilliant Customer Experience

We strive to deliver brilliant customer experiences by building trusted relationships, clearly differentiated brands and enhancing our channels to meet customers’ expectations.


Our customers are increasingly choosing to engage with us through our digital channels. We will help customers self-serve where it makes sense and continue to digitise and automate processes to drive efficiencies and make things easier for our people.

Product Innovation

We will enhance existing products and create new, innovative solutions while improving our product capability, including risk management and pricing.

Engaged and Enabled People

We will build an inclusive, diverse, highly engaged and capable workforce that works as one team to deliver value to customers.

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