Who we are

Who we are

Our people are at the core of what we do, which is why we’ve invested in a workplace that’s supportive and flexible.

#How we work

We’re never satisfied with how things are because we understand how things could be. We empower our people to explore every opportunity – to picture the future we want to see on the horizon and use it to inspire and guide us forward.

Flexibility in the workplace

Flexibility in the workplace

We know that a flexible work environment is key to feeling valued and supported, so we openly encourage working in a way that suits your lifestyle. At Suncorp, it’s what you do at work, not when and where you work that matters.

#Our culture

A career at Suncorp is more than just a job; it’s your chance to create change and positively impact the lives of thousands of people. We support families, individuals and businesses in realising their dreams, big or small, helping them plan for the future.

Our principles are: caring for others, being courageous and doing the right thing.

#Our people

With over 13,000 people on our team, everyone is encouraged to dream big and achieve their career goals at Suncorp. We champion a diverse and inclusive culture, and value every perspective and listen to every voice, idea and opinion—because diversity of thought is the key to innovation.

Our people
Suncorp Group CEO Steve Johnston

We know we will be our best when Suncorp is made up of people of different genders, cultures, abilities and ages. A diverse workforce brings different insights and experiences, and that is good for our people, our business, and our customers

Suncorp Group CEO Steve Johnston

#Our business

We are home to some of Australia and New Zealand’s most progressive and most trusted names in financial services, giving our people the opportunity to develop a fulfilling and challenging career portfolio while ensuring job diversity and enjoying the day to day.

About Suncorp

#A variety of specialist job options


Customer & Digital

We are the team that delivers a seamless and consistent experience for our customers across any product, brand or channel.



We help millions of customers by providing them with solutions to help them grow their personal wealth.



We help millions of people reach their goals, build their wealth, protect what is special to them, maintain their health and provide for their future.


Suncorp New Zealand

We help millions of New Zealanders reach their goals, protect what is special to them and provide for their future.


Corporate Shared Services

We identify the talent, capability and environmental needs to deliver Suncorp's customer strategy and work together as one team to ensure we can deliver to those needs.


Technology & Transformation

We lead Suncorp's business intelligence and technology strategy - including all data and analytics, digital enablement, cloud and infrastructure and protective services.