Our Approach

Suncorp proactively manages material environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities as identified by our key stakeholders and our business.

Suncorp conducts regular materiality assessments to help identify and prioritise the topics of most significance for our business. This process helps us make more informed and balanced decisions that reflect the needs and expectations of our business, stakeholders and society, both now and in the future.

Our top 10 material environment, social & governance issues


Governance & Transparency

Board and senior management strategies to address and disclose key economic, environmental and social risks and opportunities


Responsible Financial Services

Financial products and services that provide value, are responsive, reliable and transparent and are marketed ethically


Conduct & Culture

Fair, ethical and appropriate behaviour and practices of directors, management and employees


Regulatory Change

Change to industry regulation and flow-on impacts


Climate Change Physical Impacts

Adapting to the physical impacts of climate change such as severe weather events, rising sea levels, and shifting temperature zones


Customer Data, Ethics & Privacy

Ethical use and control of customer data and protection of customer privacy


Financial Inclusion & Resilience

Access to suitable and affordable financial services


Disaster Response

Fast, appropriate and visible support for communities in times of disaster


Talent Attraction

Talent attraction and retention, and development of appropriate skills for employees


Climate Change Transitional Risks

Addressing risks and opportunities from the global economic and regulatory transition to a zero-carbon economy by 2050

Our Principles

Trust & Transparency

Trust & Transparency

We are committed to building trust and doing the right thing. We are open and transparent in our dealings with our stakeholders.

Responsible Financial Services

Responsible Financial Services

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and help them make good choices.

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth

We seek to innovate and optimise economic, social and environmental outcomes throughout our business and value chain.

Resilient People & Communities

Resilient People & Communities

We respect human rights and invest in the wellbeing and resilience of our people and communities.

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