Accessible and Affordable Products and Services

Accessible and Affordable Products and Services

We have a suite of accessible and affordable products and services, and have made significant investments in our promotion, distribution and communication channels to ensure accessing the right products is easier.

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#Everyday Essentials

Everyday Essentials is a day-to-day transaction account for lower-income customers and concession and health care card holders. With no transaction or account-keeping fees, the Everyday Essentials Account makes banking accessible for everyone.

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#Suncorp Everyday Super

Suncorp Everyday Super is a simple, online superannuation account with no minimum account balance. Everyday Super is designed to take the hassle out of superannuation, offering easy investment choices with options that automatically adjust to reflect customers’ changing needs.

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#Essentials by AAI

Essentials by AAI is about making insurance products more accessible and providing people with options for affordable cover that suits their needs. Essentials’ key features include low premiums, flexible payment options, no standard excess, acceptance of pre-existing damage for motor and temporary accommodation options for contents insurance customers.

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#Small business insurance

Suncorp’s AAMI brand has partnered with Global Sisters, a not-for-profit organisation that supports women who are often financially excluded to become financially independent. Together we have tailored the AAMI products to be suitable for micro enterprises requiring a simple, low cost insurance solution. The product enables ‘Sisters’ within the community to access public and product liability, and property cover for business equipment and stock, as they build their enterprises. It includes lower priced premiums, one excessfree claim per period of insurance, and a dedicated support team to help eligible customers through the process. The offering will help remove some of the barriers that have prevented this community from accessing business insurance and achieving financial independence in the past.

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#New product development



Suncorp New Zealand has partnered with Good Shepherd New Zealand to pilot Drive, a low-cost comprehensive car insurance product for customers on limited incomes. Premiums are fixed at a low amount and customers do not pay an excess on their first claim. The findings from the pilot will inform how easier access to appropriate and affordable insurance contributes to greater financial resilience.


Sorry Business

Suncorp has worked in collaboration with Social Ventures Australia, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and IAG to support an innovative initiative to reduce the financial hardship experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples when paying for the funerals of loved ones. In FY22, a Sorry Business financial hardship solution will be rolled out to communities across Australia.