Delivering Better Customer Outcomes

Delivering Better Customer Outcomes

Suncorp has an ongoing responsibility to our customers and the community to understand their needs and to be responsive, especially when things go wrong.

#Performance highlights


Level 1 complaints resolved in 5 days*


Level 2 complaints resolved in 30 days*


customers assisted during financial hardship*

#Suncorp's Office of the Customer Advocate

Suncorp's Office of the Customer Advocate is here to be the voice for our customers and to provide an objective assessment of the fairness and integrity of our customer processes, decisions, and practices. Find out more about Suncorp's Office of the Customer Advocate and how to contact the team.

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#Complaints management

We are committed to ensuring that our customers’ issues are identified and resolved fairly and as quickly as possible. In 2020-21, we have invested to improve the way we capture and manage customer complaints. The Enterprise Complaints Program is focused on streamlining the complaints experience for our customers and people, as well as driving a positive complaint management culture, where we value feedback as a rich source of customer insight. We delivered a new system, accessed by all customer-facing employees, to manage complaints and ensure we are delivering a consistent experience to our customers, which enables us to leverage complaints data to address customer pain points.

*Level 1 complaints: Excludes New Zealand

*Level 2 complaints: Metric updated in 2020 from 21 days from receipt by Internal Customer Relations (ICR) team, to 30 days from fi rst date received. Exceeds 45-day ASIC requirement. Managed by ICR team.

*Financial hardship: Excludes New Zealand.