Advancing Technology and Digital Solutions

Advancing Technology
and Digital Solutions

Delivering value and meeting the needs of our customers through personalised experiences and digital-first solutions is core to Suncorp’s strategy. We continue to leverage technology to design simpler, more efficient processes for our business.

#Performance highlights


million digital users

Technology is a key enabler of the Suncorp strategy. We are leveraging digital, data and automation to improve our products, processes and systems to better meet the needs of our customers. We continue to build on our strong technology foundations and have the following key priorities:

  • keep the business safe and running: COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of being a resilient business that can adapt to changes in our operating environment and respond to everincreasing cybersecurity threats 
  • architect for the future: simplifying our technology architecture to make it more efficient and our systems more flexible 
  • unleash data, digital and automation: to create more personalised and seamless customer experiences 
  • transform our ways of working: building and improving our internal capabilities and better leveraging our technology and business process partners. 

#Customer experience

Suncorp is focused on delivering digital-first, personalised experiences that make doing business with us simpler and more rewarding. A range of initiatives have been implemented this year that enhance the sales, service and claims experience for our customers. 

In FY21: 

  • Suncorp utilisied AI to power Augmented Claims Experience, allowing our customers to receive accurate and comprehensive updates on their motor claim process in realtime via our chatbot.
  • Insurance Australia had 21% of consumer motor and home claims lodged via online channels.  
  • The Suncorp App reached more than one million downloads since launching, and had more than 49 million logins. 
  • The AAMI App was expanded to include weather alerts, real-time motor claims updates via the AAMI Virtual Assistant, and the integration of AAMI Lucky Club and Everyday Savings Rewards. 
  • Suncorp Bank continues to meet the accelerated demand for digital banking services with 65% of deposit accounts opened online and the number of customers beginning their home loans digitally rose 72%, compared to FY20.

#The Suncorp App:


gives customers fast and secure access to their money wherever they are


provides a central place for customers to manage their home, mobility and money


offers customers a complete view of their insurance policies and accounts


enables customers to access our third-party solutions


includes an AI-enabled virtual assistant to answer queries and help with navigation.