Advancing Technology and Digital Solutions

Advancing Technology
and Digital Solutions

Delivering value and meeting the needs of our customers through personalised experiences and digital-first solutions is core to Suncorp’s strategy. We continue to leverage technology to design simpler, more efficient processes for our business.

Technology is a key enabler of the Suncorp strategy. We are leveraging digital, data and automation to improve our products, processes and systems to better meet the needs of our customers. We continue to build on our strong technology foundations and have the following key priorities:

  • keep the business safe and running: COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of being a resilient business that can adapt to changes in our operating environment and respond to everincreasing cybersecurity threats 
  • architect for the future: simplifying our technology architecture to make it more efficient and our systems more flexible 
  • unleash data, digital and automation: to create more personalised and seamless customer experiences 
  • transform our ways of working: building and improving our internal capabilities and better leveraging our technology and business process partners. 

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Suncorp is focused on delivering digital-first, personalised experiences that make doing business with us simpler and more rewarding. A range of initiatives have been implemented this year that enhance the sales, service and claims experience for our customers. 

  • Digital lodgement of Motor and Home claims more than doubled in FY22.
  • Increased digital sales for mass brands across Home, Motor and CTP products to 61% of all sales and 37% of all service transactions
  • Focused on making purchasing simple with reduced friction and making self-service accessible, simple and intuitive. 
  • Deployed automation initiatives in Direct Distribution, including the implementation of targeted Interactive Voice Response and SMS.

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Driving value for our customers, people and business ​

In FY22, Suncorp introduced new geospatial technology to streamline the process and reduce the number of questions customers need to answer when purchasing home insurance.

We can now identify property attributes from aerial images of more than nine million Australian homes combined with artificial intelligence. This has removed approximately 50% of questions about property attributes in our online portals and our call centres. The data can also be used by Suncorp’s pricing and underwriting functions to make better business decisions.