AAMI launches industry-first virtual employee – with a brain and a face


Meet Ava. She’s smart, she’s emotionally intelligent, and she’s revolutionising the way we interact with our customers.


AAMI launches industry-first virtual employee – with a brain and a face

‘It girls’ Siri and Alexa have got some competition – and she comes with not only a brain, but a face.

Right now, Suncorp Group's insurance brand AAMI is trialling a digital employee pilot, whereby customers can interact directly with a virtual human, Ava, while scoping insurance online.

“We are so excited to have Ava as part of the team, and to transform the way we support and interact with our customers,” Executive General Manager of Digital Distribution Katherine Carmody said.

“The way people engage with us is changing, and we’re adapting to ensure we give customers what they want.”

Customers interact with Ava by turning on their microphone and camera and asking her questions.

Not only does she have a wealth of insurance knowledge, Ava has a personality and is charged with emotional intelligence, meaning she will learn to read the face and tone of customers, and adjust hers to suit.

AAMI partnered with Soul Machines for the development of what is likely a world first for the insurance industry.

Chief Business Officer and Co-founder Greg Cross said Ava’s emotional intelligence and intuitive functionality stemmed from her digital brain. A brain, he said, is built just like ours.

“Ava is powered by the Soul Machines Human OS platform, the world’s leading autonomous animation technology, and features a patented digital brain,” Mr Cross said.

“The Human OS platform is based on extensive research in psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive sciences, that allows for emotionally-intelligent and engaging conversations between brands and their customers.

“It brings Ava to life in the same way our own brains bring each and every one of us to life.”

For now, Ava is being trialled with some AAMI motor insurance customers; a pool that will continue to grow in line with Ava’s intelligence. 

She is currently trained to answer questions relating to policy coverage, price, discounts, excess, optional extras, claims and payment options.

Ms Carmody said she hoped, all trials going well, to increase Ava’s knowledge base and roll her out to other areas of the AAMI business.

“This is cutting edge technology that propels us into the future,” she said.

What we will learn from the Ava trial will be invaluable when it comes to humanising our digital experience and revolutionising our customer service offering.

We’re leading the way with insurance technology and Ava is just another example of how we’re doing it.

Executive General Manager of Digital Distribution Katherine Carmody

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