Graduate program

Graduate program

The graduate program is a two-year program built specifically to develop your technical skills, build capability, expand your network, enhance your working experience and allow you to have fun.

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#Our program areas

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Auckland


As an Insurance graduate you will contribute to the resilience of businesses and society and provide peace of mind to our customers.

This role will give you the opportunity to work across a number of areas to build your understanding of this industry including product development and pricing, capital and reinsurance, claims management and operational delivery for insurance services. For example, you may manage claims against insurance policies received direct and from brokers, develop underwriting procedures, or work in teams responsible for pricing, capital and reinsurance.

Graduates with degrees in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:

• Business
• Finance
• Commerce
• Economics
• Law
• Mathematics
• Engineering
• Dual degrees


Banking & Wealth

Our Banking and Wealth teams play a critical role in bringing customers to the marketplace and providing foundation solutions and services to meet their needs.

Through a focus on disciplined portfolio management and balance sheet strength, B&W provides a stable earnings profile and strong shareholder return. You will have the opportunity to develop skills in, and shape your career towards, areas as diverse as: Bank Strategy, Performance Management, Treasury, Capital Strategy, Deposits and Payments and Lending Product teams, and Portfolio Development. Whether analysing financial statements is your passion, or you prefer driving projects that make tangible impacts for customers, a graduate position in the bank is guaranteed to provide you the flexibility to take control of your career.

Graduates and students with degrees in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:

• Finance
• Business
• Commerce
• Economics
• Law
• Marketing
• Dual degrees

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland

Technology & Transformation

Suncorp's Technology & Transformation team sees ourself as the engine room of the organisation. Together we lead the Group strategy and drive transformation of end-to-end customer experience while creating value through digitisation and technology innovation.

Our Business-aligned technology teams work collaboratively with each business to deliver on their strategic aspirations and operational requirements. We are enabled by centres of excellence that drive an enterprise-wide focus on technology infrastructure, data, cyber security and automation as well as lead the partnering and strategic innovation approach.

If you have a passion for the technology industry, customer experience and financial services, we have career paths that are not dependent on a discipline degree.

Leverage your critical thinking, curious mindset and collaboration skills to design, develop and deliver brilliant ideas alongside a diverse and inclusive team.

As an intern or graduate, you can get experience in:

• Business Engagement
• Business Analysis
• Digital Enablement
• Cloud Services
• Data Analytics
• Automation
• Cyber Security
• Technology Operations

Brisbane, Sydney or Auckland

Accounting (AU) / Finance & Advice (NZ)

Our Finance & Advice team drives the financial outcomes for Suncorp through the provision of specialist finance and advice services.

In partnership with CFO teams in Banking & Wealth, Insurance Australia and Insurance New Zealand, we deliver expertise and insight for Suncorp's functions, providing forward looking finance and advice that preserves and creates value for our organisation.

Graduates with degrees in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:

• Accounting
• Finance
• Business
• Commerce

Applying for this role in AUSTRALIA you must qualify and complete either CPA or CA qualifications with Suncorp's support as part of the Graduate Program.


Human Resources

Our vision is to be THE place to work in Australia and New Zealand.

Suncorp is breaking away from the norm! In our Human Resources department, you will find a wide range of highly strategic, analytical and technical roles. From Legal to Automation, our projects are far from stereotypical.

Suncorp’s HR team hold people at the forefront of what we do! Grow your knowledge in your typical HR roles but also get involved in more strategic analytical and technical elements too! Areas you could rotate in are People & Performance (Portfolio Management), Automation, People and Culture CEO Office, HR Advice and Services, HR Strategic Advice etc. to name a few.

Graduates with degrees in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:
• Business
• Technology
• Behavioural Science/Psychology
• Business (HR with Law, Marketing or Management)
• Marketing
• Human Resources
• Data Science
• Data Analytics
• Statistics
• Dual Degrees



As an Actuarial Graduate, you will experience three eight-month rotations across the actuarial functions supporting the broader business. The Actuarial Graduates will become part of the actuarial job family (AJF) and will be entitled to actuarial study support.

The rotations you will pass through will provide exposure to a wide range of actuarial work including:

• Traditional areas of reserving and pricing
• Fast paced and dynamic areas of project work.
• Emerging areas of actuarial work which are industry leading in actuarial and statistical innovation.

Graduates with degrees in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:

• Actuarial Studies
• Actuarial Science
• Dual Degrees

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney (Commercial Banking ) and Regional QLD or NSW (Agri)

Agribusiness / Commercial Banking

Agribusiness Banking provides specialised service to our clients in the Australian agricultural industry, relying on the expertise and understanding of Suncorp’s dedicated Relationship Managers and Assistant Relationship Managers.

Commercial Banking services customers operating in the broad range of industries who require relationship sales and service from dedicated Business Bankers. The target market is for lending between $1million to $30million within the Small to Medium Enterprise segment. This ranges from small sole trader type operations up to large-scale commercial, but private, companies.

Graduates with degrees in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:

• Business
• Commerce
• Agricultural Science
• Agribusiness
• Finance
• Banking
• Dual Degrees

Graduate support

Graduate support

Suncorp's graduate program allows you to choose your own path, grow your career and get exposure you need to be part of something bigger every day. You'll be working with a peer group that is friendly, intelligent and supportive within a corporate culture that genuinely puts people first. In addition to developing your career, you’re able to make other people’s dreams come true.

#Graduate learning and development

Structured learning and development program 

Graduates will be enrolled in a series of online training modules, which will develop your technical, leadership, and soft skills, expand your network, and enhance your working experience while still allowing you to have fun! You'll access a range of learning courses via a combination of face-to-face workshops, virtual masterclasses (with all NZ and Australian graduates tuning in) and self-paced learning through our online learning system. That's just the stuff we've prepared for you. Because, as a Suncorp employee, you'll also have access to our broader learning and development program catalogue.

On-the-job learning

Most of your learning is on-the-job, working with cutting edge tech and contributing to our key projects and initiatives that make a visible impact to our customers and community. We provide you with the tools and support to drive your own career, seek out the opportunities that interest you, and work with the people who inspire you.

We offer both specialist and generalist graduate opportunities across our customer marketplace, banking, insurance, corporate, and tech business functions. Our specialist roles will suit graduates who know what they want to do – they’re recruited to a specific role in the business. Our generalist roles include rotations, so they’re perfect for the free spirit types. You'll be recruited to a specific function in our business and rotate into different teams to help you explore and identify what most interests you. We call it flexibility. But, we won't hold your hand. We expect you to take ownership and drive your own career, explore your interests, and utilise your networks and professional relationships. And, as with every Suncorp employee, you'll also have access to our 24hr innovation days, key projects, and innovative initiatives that enable you to make an impact in our business.

#Graduate committees

As part of the graduate program, there are four graduate-run committees, which is a great opportunity for you to get involved!

Attraction Committee

The Attraction Committee is made up of awesome grads who help who support the grad recruitment team with various events such as:

• Career fairs
• Assessment Centres
• Vacation Program Orientation
• Graduate Orientation
• Buddy Program
• Social Media campaigns

Community Committee

The Community Committee is a cool group of grads who help foster inclusiveness and social connection amongst the grad community through:

• Social Events
• Networking Events
• Graduate Newsletter
• Graduate Yammer page

Learning Committee

The Learning Committee consists of luminous grads who support the ongoing development of graduates by driving initiatives including:

• Presentation Series
• Lunch and Learns
• Shadow a leader Series
• Graduate Experience Blog

Wellbeing Committee

The goal of the Graduate Wellbeing Committee is to implement initiatives that support Graduate Health, Safety, and Wellbeing including:

• Building Resilience
• Fostering Positive Mental Health
• Working Virtually