Invoice Guidelines

Invoice Guidelines

Suncorp will always seek to pay all suppliers on time for goods and services. To ensure payment processing is seamless, a tax invoice submitted to Suncorp Group should meet the minimum requirements as per ATO requirements.


The following items should also be typed on your invoice:


Suncorp contact name and email.


Claimant name and address, for claims.


PO / BPA / Claim number.


PO: Purchase Order
BPA: Blanket Purchase Agreement

If you do not know your PO / BPA / Claim number, please contact your Suncorp Group business contact.

#Additional tips to ensure your invoice is processed accurately:

  • Invoices must be attached to the email in pdf format. Linked documents will not be accepted.
  • PO / BPA / Claim number to be included in title of the email.
  • Only include one invoice per email.
  • Do not combine invoices into one attachment.
  • Email total size must remain under 5MB.