Suncorp Group Limited - 2020 AGM

Suncorp Group Limited - 2020 AGM


Suncorp’s 2020 AGM was held online at 10am Brisbane time (11am Sydney time) on Thursday, 22 October 2020.

#Instructions for joining the live online AGM


Before the AGM

You will need a computer, tablet or mobile device with internet access. Please note that a desktop or laptop computer will provide the most optimal viewing experience. More information on ensuring your device and browser are compatible with the online AGM platform is available in the Online AGM Guide.


On the day of the AGM

Go to, then enter the requested details to register and watch the AGM. You can do this anytime from 9.00am Brisbane time (10.00am Sydney time) ahead of the meeting.


If you wish to vote or ask a question during the meeting

Once you have registered to watch the AGM, click on the 'Get a voting Card' or 'Ask a question' box, enter your Shareholder Number or Proxyholder Number and follow the prompts.

You can locate your Shareholder Number on any previous hard copy dividend or holding statement. For more information on how to locate your Shareholder Number, please refer to the 2020 Suncorp Online AGM Frequently Asked Questions below.


Need help joining the meeting?

Please contact the Link Market Services Support Team on +61 1800 990 363. You can also refer to the AGM Online Guide below for further information.



You can vote or appoint a proxy online at Your voting instructions must be received by the registry by no later than 10.00am Brisbane time (11.00am Sydney time) on Tuesday, 20 October 2020. You will need your Shareholder Number and the postcode for your shareholding. For more information on locating your Shareholder Number please refer to the 2020 Suncorp Online AGM Frequently Asked Questions below.

Alternatively, if you elected to receive your shareholder communications electronically before the 16 September 2020, you will have received an email with a personalised voting link(s). Follow the instructions in the email to lodge your voting instructions. You do not need your Shareholder Number to vote using this method. For further information on voting please refer to the 2020 Suncorp Group Limited Notice of Meeting below.



Please email any questions to

For more information on questions, please refer to the 2020 Notice of Meeting available below.