Giving back to community organisations


We know that volunteering is vital for our charities and community groups to support people who need it most, which is why Suncorp encourages our employees to volunteer their time and skills each year.


Suncorp employees receive one day of paid volunteer leave, each financial year and can use this to volunteer on their own or as part of a team.

In 2018, Suncorp employees nominated 16 local charity partners across Australia and New Zealand, which address the issues that are most important to them including mental health, domestic violence and cancer. 

Zephyr Education is one of Suncorp’s local charity partners. By volunteering, donating much needed school items and raising money, many Suncorp employees are making a big difference to children impacted by domestic violence. 

Last month, a handful of Suncorp employees got the opportunity to sort and pack the items donated by their peers during a collection across several Suncorp sites in August.

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