Making communities stronger in Pitt Street Mall



Making communities stronger in Pitt Street Mall

In Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall, Suncorp is offering a new experience.

We’ve joined forces with Wesley Mission Sydney and the Darcy Street Project to provide financial literacy and counselling, as well as supporting education and employment for people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Sydney. 

Darcy Street Project manages our store café and provides guidance to Suncorp sponsored hospitality students as they complete their work experience by serving coffee to customers and visitors. 

“The hands-on work experience gained through Suncorp’s partnership with Darcy Street Project is instrumental in helping these young people gain hospitality qualifications. It has given them the confidence boost needed to be on a positive path again,” said hospitality trainer Marelda Kastaman.

Suncorp will continue to work with both organisations, delivering free financial literacy workshops and support a further 32 students to gain qualifications and employment.

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