Suncorp Group's natural disaster response in action


In the wake of recent catastrophic weather events stretching across the country, Suncorp Group’s dedicated response teams have been deployed on the ground to ensure our customers have the support they need when it matters the most.


At Suncorp Group we understand the importance of the role insurance plays during the recovery of communities following a natural disaster, so after any extreme weather event we're committed to being first on the ground, ensuring our customers have everything they require to get back on their feet.

From deploying dedicated client managers, organising community forums and ensuring our people are equipped to properly handle our customers in need with industry-leading vulnerable customer training, we make sure we are always there when we’re needed the most.

To further assist with the recovery process, Suncorp activates a financial relief package for bank customers impacted by natural disasters.

Recently, our claims teams were deployed to Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast, working in a recovery centre where customers have been able to access much-needed support and advice after the recent catastrophic bushfires. 

Speaking while on the ground in Batemans Bay, Suncorp Insurance Head of Consumer Property Claims, Paige Vincent, witnessed first-hand the significant destruction to the region, reiterating Suncorp’s unwavering dedication to its customers in time of need.

Customers will receive a dedicated client manager who will take care of them from start to finish. We are proactively communicating at this moment in time to make sure that our customers are really comfortable with the process.

“Customers will receive a dedicated client manager who will take care of them from start to finish.”

Suncorp Group's priorities are to ensure the safety of our customers and our teams on the ground, and Ms Vincent shared some of the very real challenges our people face when they are deployed in disaster-affected areas.

“Some of the challenges our teams face when they go out to meet with our customers [is coming to terms with] the devastation that’s occurred. 

“The second biggest challenge is access because often the damage is so widespread; being able to get to our customers in a timely manner is why we’ve set up the assessing hubs. It means our people can get out to our customers as they need to.”

Part of Suncorp Group’s event response deployment is also to identify our most vulnerable customers; ensuring they have the right level of support from the start.

“We have a highly trained, dedicated team which looks after customers experiencing vulnerability. This team has additional counselling training and referral services they can access.

"We always find the right balance with all our dedicated client managers between managing the claim but also supporting the customer.”

Speaking of the tremendous efforts and unwavering dedication of Suncorp Group’s assessment and client management teams deployed on the ground, Ms Vincent highlights the deep sense of care; for customers, for the community, and each other.

“It’s the absolute heart that they show in the way that they respond to these events and how they respond to our customers when they need us most,” she says. “It’s that on-site, handholding with the customer, making sure they’re completely comfortable, offering them support services, but it’s also the way that they support each other. The contribution that they make to the community when they’re deployed here, supporting local businesses and the recovery centre, it just makes you really proud to be a part of Suncorp.”

Helping customers of all our brands, including Suncorp, AAMI, GIO and Apia, get back on their feet after a disaster is our number one priority. It’s what our customers expect and a moment that matters to them, and us.

Watch Paige Vincent's video, here:

Following a natural disaster, our insurance customers can expect the following:


Customer support teams

When needed, our Customer Support Teams (CSTs) will be on the ground as soon as possible, located at disaster recovery centres or local Suncorp stores.


Dedicated event client managers

Our client managers will act as a single point of contact for our customers throughout their claim.


Improved claims experience

Following a natural disaster our customers may experience vulnerability or financial hardship. Our people are trained to help in the moments that matter.


Suncorp home assessors

Our home assessors will be the first person to visit our customers' home to assess the damage. They’ll explain the repairs required and what will happen throughout the repair process.


Temporary offices

When necessary, we will establish a local presence to ensure we are on the ground for the duration of the recovery period. We also establish mass assessment centres to manage large volumes of motor claims.


Access to the latest technology

Customers can lodge claims online and via our app – without the need to call us. For motor insurance customers it’s even possible to complete a claim entirely online.

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