How Suncorp people celebrated Diwali in style


​Recently, our teams from all over Australia and New Zealand came together to celebrate Diwali, the traditional Indian festival of lights.


How Suncorp people celebrated Diwali in style

This celebration is a chance for our various team to come together and celebrate the festival's symbol of new beginnings.

Over 250 people attended the vibrant celebrations held at our Technology, Data & Labs department in Brisbane.

The gathering featured traditional music, colourful clothing and delicious food, however the highlight of the event was a special Bollywood dance performance, followed by an informal dance workshop to close out the festivities.

As well as bringing together our extended teams for an afternoon of celebration, it was also a chance for our team members who are far away from their families during Diwali to feel welcomed.

“Suncorp celebrates diversity in all forms, cultural diversity being one of them. It is even more important in TDL because the majority of our partners are Indian and are away from their families during this festival season.

Celebrating this at work with all of them is just another way to make them feel at home.” Says Pooja Arora, Portfolio Manager at Suncorp and organiser of Brisbane’s Diwali festival.

Our people come from many different backgrounds, follow many different faiths and speak many different languages. Our diversity and inclusion is proudly what makes Suncorp Group unique.

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