Townsville: One year on


Following a year-long recovery effort to rebuild and repair the homes and businesses of customers in Townsville, residents are slowly settling back into everyday life.


Townsville: One year on

In the 12 months since the 2019 floods, Suncorp Group has been focused on ensuring customers have had the support needed during this critical time.

Through arranging emergency payments and temporary accommodation, providing face-to-face support through our dedicated claims Customer Support Centre, and rebuilding the businesses and homes that have been lost, Suncorp has been there every step of the way, supporting customers in the moments that matter.

At the heart of Suncorp’s recovery effort were more than 500 local trades, companies and suppliers from the region; all ensuring residents and business owners were back in their homes and back trading as quickly as possible. 

We have repaired around 95 per cent of our customers’ homes, and we are working hard to complete the remaining.

Suncorp Insurance CEO Gary Dransfield

Long-standing Townsville residents and Suncorp customers, David and Janice, still recall the flood, paired with the unprecedented water levels and substantial damage to their property.

“It’s hard to comprehend. There was water running down the road and it turned around the corner towards our house," remembered David.  

Describing the events immediately after the floods, David said, “it was only a week after that we had an assessor come through the house and talked to us about what the process would be. It’s fantastic to finally have the house together. An emotional four months, but a huge relief.”

The same sentiment was echoed by fellow Townsville resident and Suncorp customer Darrell Sard who had his home completely rebuilt. 

“It was a little bit surreal when we were first able to get back into the home. We’re still processing it, even now. There was a lot of mud, the water had subsided, things were damp. You’re putting basically your entire belongings on the footpath.”

On the eve of the one-year Townsville flood anniversary, Suncorp Insurance CEO, Gary Dransfield, spoke again of the promise made to all Suncorp Group customers.

"Thank you for your patience over the past year as we’ve worked hard to move you back into your homes, get your businesses back up and running, and helped you get back to your normal life. Since day one I committed that our team will be here, supporting Townsville, every step of the way. We’re not done yet and I assure you we will be here until the job is done."

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