Strong Blues defence falters on the home security front


As State of Origin II approaches, research from Suncorp Insurance shows interstate rivalry extends to the home as well as the footy field.


Strong Blues defence falters on the home security front

The Queensland Maroons may have been humiliated in the first game of the season, but when it comes to home safety these school holidays, it’s the Blues who should be worried about their defence strategy. 

According to research from Suncorp Insurance, more than a third (38%) of New South Wales homeowners fail to securely lock doors and windows to deter thieves while away on holidays. 

Meanwhile, more than two-thirds (67%) of Queenslanders lock these entry points before a holiday. One in ten Queenslanders are even opting to disconnect their garage door, compared to just seven per cent of New South Wales homeowners.  

“Protecting your home reduces your risk,” said Suncorp’s Head of Home Claims Joel Manning. “Home protection measures such as installing an alarm, security cameras or securing doors and windows can actually reduce your annual premium.” 

Less than half of the New South Wales homeowners surveyed for this research had reviewed the value of their home and contents insurance in the last 12 months, leaving themselves open to being caught short in the event of a robbery. 

“It’s best practice to review your sum insured annually, or even more frequently if you have completed significant renovations or acquired high-value items such as jewellery, art or appliances,” said Mr Manning. 

Social media also plays a role in exposing your home to holiday theft. The research shows complacency on both sides of the border towards keeping holiday snaps private. 

Around a quarter of homeowners in both states are unsure if their social media posts are public or private. This exposes homeowners to a higher risk of a break-in if they post while away from home. 

When it comes to social media, stick to some friendly pre-game banter and save the holiday updates for when you get home. It’s important not to disclose you’re away from home on social media, as this can be an incentive for thieves.

Joel Manning, Suncorp's Head Of Home Claims

#Suncorp’s tips for protecting your home

  • Sub in a friend and consider having a house sitter instead of leaving your home empty while on holiday.  
  • Ask a neighbour to put the bins in and out, check the mail, and keep an eye out for signs of forced entry.  
  • Don’t post holiday updates to social media until after you’re back at home. If you really must, ensure you check your privacy settings, and don’t add people you don’t know. 

*National research conducted by Colmar Brunton on behalf of Suncorp in January & February 2020 of 3,000 respondents

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