Preparing for bush fire and storm season



Preparing for bush fire and storm season

It's never too early to prepare

With temperatures rising across many parts of the country, Suncorp is urging residents to not become complacent in preparing for bush fire and storm season.

“Temperatures are forecast to be higher-than-average this spring, and given the dry conditions we experienced during winter it’s looking to be an ideal setting for bushfires,” Suncorp spokesperson Michael Mills said.

“We strongly encourage homeowners, especially those in the areas close to bushland to prepare now. Clear your gutters of leaves and debris, ensure you have a water supply which can reach all parts of your home, and confirm you have the correct insurance coverage in place.

“Residents in cyclone-prone regions are also encouraged to start thinking about the upcoming storm season. A warm spring is usually followed by a hot summer and with that comes wild weather.

“Cyclone Debbie again reminded us of the damaged which can be caused by severe weather events, reinforcing the importance of having the correct protection and plans in place.”

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