Suncorp on standby to assess damage once waters recede



Suncorp is reassuring its customers in flood-affected parts of North Queensland that it has dedicated teams ready to help once the water has receded and it is safe to do so. 

Spokesperson Ashleigh Paterson urged customers to focus on staying safe and follow the directions of emergency authorities. 

“Right now, safety is the number one priority. Many roads and homes remain underwater so we must wait until it is safe to evaluate the impact,” Ms Paterson said. 

“We are carefully monitoring the situation, and preparing to increase resources to handle any resulting claims. This includes having our mobile Customer Support Teams on alert and ready to be deployed when it is safe. 

“Once floodwaters recede, we can arrange emergency makesafe work, organise temporary accommodation for customers whose homes have been severely damaged and provide cash payments to make emergency purchases. 

“You do not need access to your home or a copy of your policy to lodge your claim – we will have your details on file. 

“Remember, if you can safely access your home and need to lodge a claim visit or call 13 25 24, as well as by contacting any Suncorp brand you are insured with.”

Tips for customers

If you have been able to safely return to your home:

  • Ensure electricity and gas supplies are switched off before re-entering.
  • Do your best to dry out your home or business by keeping it as ventilated as possible.
  • Get wet contents out of the house and make a list of damaged items.

Prepare for your claim:

  • If you have damaged goods or contents, take a photo of them.
  • Feel free to throw away all spoiled food in your refrigerator – do not wait for an assessor to come to your home. Take a picture.
  • If your carpet is flood damaged, please rip it up and take it outside, but please keep a sample to help us replace it.
  • Keep a record of model numbers or serial numbers of items you are throwing away to help us replace them.

Suncorp’s network of brands includes AAMI, Apia, Shannons, Vero, Bingle, Resilium and CIL. Claims contact for other brands: Apia: 13 50 50 | AAMI: 13 22 44,

Additionally, and effective immediately, Suncorp Bank is offering the following relief assistance options to impacted customers: 

  • An opportunity to defer scheduled loan repayments (including interest only) on a case-by-case basis
  • Existing loan rearranging (for example, principal and interest to interest only) with the waiver of establishment fees
  • Waive early withdrawal fees for customers wishing to withdraw from term deposits and/or Farm Management Deposits
  • Refund of merchant rental fees for a period 
  • Credit card repayment relief where necessary
  • Increasing emergency credit card limits
  • Working capital assistance
  • No interest rate increases

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