Take the Fatality Free Friday pledge



Take the Fatality Free Friday pledge

Suncorp partners with Australian Road Safety Foundation to encourage road users to take the Fatality Free Friday pledge

As part of our commitment to safer roads, Suncorp has partnered with the Australian Road Safety Foundation to encourage road users to support its Fatality Free Friday initiative.

The annual Fatality Free Friday initiative calls on road users to make a pledge to road safety.

Last year, 1,225 people lost their lives on Australian roads. Despite a 6 per cent decrease in the road toll from the previous year, there were only 12 days in 365 that were fatality free. Only two of these were Fridays.

“As the largest Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer in Queensland, Suncorp sees firsthand the devastating effects motor vehicle collisions have on people’s lives, which is why we have proudly supported Fatality Free Friday since its inception in 2007,” said Suncorp’s Executive Manager of QLD CTP Dan Wilkinson.

“Since then we have encouraged thousands of Australian drivers to take the road safety pledge.

“Unlike many other states, CTP insurance regulations in Queensland deem that people injured on the road aren’t covered by CTP insurance unless another driver can be held responsible. This means that every year thousands of Queenslanders, including children, are not covered by CTP insurance for their injuries.

"We know that Fridays are one of the most dangerous days for motor vehicle accident injuries and fatalities, particularly in the afternoon when commuters are rushing to get home, often exhausted from the week and feeling impatient behind the wheel.

“We also know that speeding, not wearing a seat belt or proper helmet, driving distracted and drink or drug driving can all lead to fatal crashes – but many of these can be avoided with better choices.

“Clearly, we all need to do more to drive down the number of deaths on our roads.”

As part of Suncorp’s support for Fatality Free Friday we will be using our social media channels to help raise awareness of the road safety pledge and change people’s driving behaviours.

On Friday 25th May, Suncorp encourages all road users to demonstrate their commitment to reducing the nation’s road toll by taking the pledge or by adding the Fatality Free Friday pledge to their Facebook page.

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