Cameron Parinetto

Cameron Parinetto

Graduate | Technology Security

I love the culture around the Suncorp office. My team, and even those outside of it have made stepping into the professional world a really positive experience for me. I can understand how others might feel nervous about coming to work for a big bank, but Suncorp really separates itself from the ‘big four’ in the way it takes care of its employees. If you ever have any problems, you can literally ask anyone around you – and they’ll help right away.  

I first joined Suncorp in the middle of the pandemic, when there wasn’t too much employment opportunity at the time. I’d always been interested in analytical work, and originally took an interest in engineering. But as soon as I found the world of cybersecurity, I knew that was the path I wanted to take - it’s still such an expanding field with so many opportunities to explore in the future.

My role is working with the application security team, who is tasked with repairing vulnerabilities in Suncorp’s applications. These kinds of roles are critical to protecting the business against potential hackers, many of which are often interested in collecting confidential customer data. Recently I’ve been involved in the development of the Secure Warrior Code program, an advanced training program for staff members who write code. With everyone skilled in the same secure method of writing code, we can protect Suncorp’s assets more securely and be a more effective technological workforce.  

I really like how Suncorp invests its time into progressing graduates’ careers. This program is a lot longer than other graduate programs I’ve seen in the same field, which tells me Suncorp really values building the future of its workforce. I’m so excited to keep working with Suncorp and see where my future with the company takes me.