Wholesale Domestic and Offshore Programmes

Suncorp has several programmes domestically and offshore, please see the list of outstanding transactions below.

#Outstanding Public Deals

Australian TD Programme
ISIN Maturity Final Terms / Pricing Supplement Information Memorandum
A$500,000,000 Floating AU3FN0037529 Aug 2022 pdf (113.38 KB) pdf (592.94 KB)
A$600,000,000 Floating AU3FN0049144 Jul 2024 pdf (315.51 KB) pdf (592.94 KB)
A$150,000,000 Fixed AU3CB0265403 Jul 2024 pdf (314.95 KB) pdf (592.94 KB)
A$750,000,000 Floating AU3FN0062964 Sep 2026 PDF (436.53 KB) pdf (631.83 KB)
A$775,000,000 Floating AU3FN0065694 Jan 2027 PDF (300.08 KB) pdf (631.83 KB)
A$225,000,000 Fixed AU3CB0285955 Jan 2027 PDF (300.42 KB) pdf (631.83 KB)
US$15bn - 144A/Reg S Medium Term Note Programme
ISIN Reg S Maturity
US$500,000,000 Fixed 144A - US8672EMAL86 US8672ENAL69 Mar 2024


In addition to ASX listed capital investments, Suncorp Group companies have also issued a number of standalone wholesale offering documents and programme documents in order to support the group’s capital requirements.

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AAI Limited

A$330,000,000 Subordinated Notes Due 6 October 2042, callable 6 October 2022.*

Suncorp Group Limited

A$600,000,000 Subordinated Notes Due 5 December 2028, callable 5 December 2023.*

A$250,000,000 Subordinated Notes Due 1 December 2035, callable 1 December 2025.*

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*Transactions are subject to APRA approval before be called/redeemed.