2022 graduates: "I applied for Suncorp's graduate program twice"


Suncorp graduate Laura Sinden had the drive to pursue the role she wanted, and it's a drive that's now seeing her thrive in our team.


2022 graduates: "I applied for Suncorp's graduate program twice"

I applied for Suncorp Group’s graduate program twice. That’s how keen I was! 

I first spoke with the Suncorp team at a careers fair and just immediately had a gut feel that this was the place for me.  

I knew that I wanted to work somewhere where variety in my career would be encouraged, so after working with a public accounting firm and honing my skills, I was accepted into the 2022 program with Suncorp Group.

I think people here respected my drive – I landed the job!

Laura Sinden

Since starting with Suncorp, I’ve been surprised by how open-minded people are – everyone is so easy to talk to. I’ve had exposure speaking with people who are much more senior, and it’s not a big deal or expected that you only talk through a manager. I’ve learned really quickly as a result. 

Once, I mentioned to a manger of another team that I was having trouble understanding a concept, and she immediately booked in a one-hour meeting to take me through it, despite her busy workload. That’s the kind of people who work here.

I’m already shaping my career – but you have to ask for it; no one is going to give it to you.

Laura Sinden

The Graduate Program provides me with the support I need to complete my Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ) qualification, and I have asked my leader for tasks that are similar to what I am learning in the course. It's incredible - but it only happened because I had the confidence to ask. 

Right now, I’m taking more deliberate steps towards my learning and development to set myself up with a foundation of skills and knowledge that I hope will make a big impact on my career. 

My current role is in the Investor Relations team, where I'm learning how to present numbers to a completely new audience for me – investors. It’s enjoyable working in an environment where my learning and development is something I can focus on and is highly encouraged and facilitated by my leaders and peers. 

My soft skills have improved so much since I started the Graduate Program. Improving critical skills such as networking have already helped me – such as hearing about opportunities that I would not have otherwise known about.

Laura Sinden

From events run by the Graduate Committee which provide me with a safe space among like-minded people, to the trusting nature of Suncorp’s flexible working culture, whichever way you look at it, I feel like the future is so much brighter at the Suncorp Group. 

Suncorp Group's Graduate Program

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