Supporting north west Queensland communities



Supporting north west Queensland communities

When the rain first arrived in North West Queensland our farmers rejoiced, having prayed to see their property drenched by rain for many years. But when the rain didn’t stop, the celebrations did – dreams come true quickly turned into an absolute nightmare. 

This was an unprecedented event; one that many people had never experienced before. And after dealing with continuous drought conditions for several years, now our customers face a new set of challenges – dealing with significant stock loss, grieving for their pets and starting the significant clean-up process. 

Being part of a multi-generational farming family, and working for a company with a 100+ year history in agriculture, my heart breaks for these communities and the agriculture sector. But it’s really important for our farmers to know they’re not alone and support is available. 

Our passionate team of agribusiness specialists are remaining close to our impacted customers, making sure they’re accessing the financial support the need during this challenging time. Suncorp’s emergency financial assistance package also offers customers a range of support options, including deferring loan repayments and access to working capital.

Our thoughts are very much with everyone affected by the floods and we will continue supporting our customers, communities and people in every way they can. 

- Written by April Cavanagh, State Manager Queensland Agribusiness, Suncorp 

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