How I work part-time as Suncorp's Treasurer



How I work part-time as Suncorp's Treasurer

When I said I was only available to work part-time as Suncorp’s Treasurer, I thought that would be the end of the conversation.

But that’s what I do. From Monday to Thursday I work as Suncorp’s Banking & Wealth Treasurer, where I’m responsible for managing the bank’s funding, liquidity and interest rate risk. And then on Fridays, I spend a couple of hours volunteering at Community Living Association, working with adult students to practice literacy and social skills.

Part-time work can be for anyone, whether it’s mothers, fathers, people with other caring responsibilities, or anyone who wants to pursue goals outside of work.

I’m still trying to work out what ‘balance’ means, but I suspect it looks a bit like working for an organisation I believe in, spending time with great people, going to the beach on the weekend, and above all finding a way that I can give back.

If you’re thinking about working flexibly, here are my tips for making it work:

Know your non-negotiables

Be clear on what you’re willing to sacrifice and what is non-negotiable. Ask: Are you willing to accept a demotion to accommodate your flexible arrangements? Are you willing to add an extra day for that job you really want? And know that your responses may change over time.

Back yourself

If you can demonstrate your record of success, hopefully your employer will be more interested in your skills than which days you’ll be in the office. Make sure you also come with a plan for how you will make the arrangement work. The worst thing they can say is no.

Trust in your team

I work in a close-knit team, which is important for me as I know I have leaders I can rely on for the days when I’m not at work.

Be flexible

The nature of my role means I’ll occasionally need to put in some extra time or an extra day like anyone else, so the flexibility needs to work both ways.

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