Suncorp supports Equal Pay Day



Suncorp supports Equal Pay Day

Today is Equal Pay Day in Australia, which was established to raise awareness of gender pay challenges and solutions. It highlights that, currently, to earn the same as a man in one year, a woman would on average, need to work an additional eight weeks. 

Suncorp CEO & Managing Director Michael Cameron, who is a Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Pay Equity Ambassador said achieving pay equity and gender balance was a key focus. 

“I am personally committed to gender equality at Suncorp. Achieving pay equity and promoting gender balance at all levels of the business is a priority for me and an important part of Suncorp’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan,” Mr Cameron said. 

“We are pleased to have achieved gender balance across all leadership roles. Suncorp carries out gender pay equity reviews each year, and our commitment to gender equality is demonstrated through Suncorp’s workplace practices and policies including recruitment, flexible working, development, remuneration, and maintaining gender balanced representation across our leadership and the broader workforce.” 

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