Working from home: Suncorp’s Guy Picone shares how


Guy Picone never expected to spend his 40-year work anniversary working from home – but he’s anything but disconnected.


Working from home: Suncorp’s Guy Picone shares how

And despite working from home, he’s been able to take advantage of digital engagement tools and a modified routine to make working from home, work for him.

“I try to maintain my usual work routine but with modifications,” Guy said.

“I’ll still grab a coffee before work, keeping to my usual routine, but I may also be able to go for a quick walk with my dog Ruby.”

Here are Guy’s tips for working from home:


Keep connected

​“I maintain connections and use social media tools such as WhatsApp, Skype, LinkedIn and Yammer. Posting on Yammer is part of my routine so I make sure I maintain this habit,” he said.

As for that anniversary party, Guy promises he’ll be celebrating in style once things settle down.

"Regrettably, COVID-19 has meant a much more subdued celebration of this milestone than was planned.

“When things finally settle down, we can celebrate in the style the moment demands.”​


I keep to a (modified) work routine

“Although the temptation is to sleep longer and stay up later, I try to maintain my usual work routine but with slight variations. For example, since I would normally need to get up at 6am to make it to the office by 8am, I let myself have a little sleep in but otherwise follow my routine: have breakfast, shower, shave and then log on at the usual time. I also make sure I ‘finish work’ at the same time I usually do – don’t be lured into working longer hours than is needed for the role and your mental health.”


Make it normal

“I usually grab a barista coffee on the way into the office, so now I head up to the local café and get my morning coffee from there instead.”


Don't be afraid to take advantage of being at home

“Working from home means I can go for a short walk with Ruby my dog or have a quick dip in the pool, so I take that opportunity; I just ensure it’s never at the cost of missing deadlines or meetings. I plan my day around when I need to dial in to meetings, or when I need to provide responses or feedback, but I allow myself some flexibility in between.”

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