Car crash victims targeted by third-party companies


Car insurance customers are urged to beware of third-party companies offering vehicle repairs after an accident.


Car crash victims targeted by third-party companies

Car insurance customers across Australia are reporting misleading or deceptive insurance schemes when trying to contact their insurance company after an accident. 

Some have reported being approached by someone representing the 'at fault' driver's insurer, whilst others have said they were led astray through misleading contact details appearing in search engine results.

From here, the consumer is led to believe they are dealing with their insurer directly when it is, in fact, a third-party network. 

Consumers are then asked to sign specific agreements for repairs on involved vehicles to be handled, with a 'free' loan replacement vehicle. 

Their vehicle is taken 'for repairs' and either held in a storage yard or sent to an unapproved repairer, where repairs are delayed past the period of car hire - all at the cost of the consumer. 

#What consumers can do to stay safe:

Make sure you know who you are dealing with; confirm that they are actually an insurance company.

Use your insurer's app or direct website to contact them.

Read any documents you are asked to sign very carefully.

Ask for a copy of all signed paperwork.

There have been further reports of illegal signature transfers onto documents to conduct legal proceedings on the consumer's behalf to recover costs from the 'at fault' party. 

If the consumer refuses to cooperate or become involved in the legal proceedings, they can become liable for exorbitant repair costs, hire car charges and legal fees under the agreed arrangement.  

When in doubt, it's always preferred that you contact your insurer first. This is a good way of ensuring your claim is handled correctly, and your vehicle is safely repaired. 

If you suspect you’ve responded to a fraudulent email or been a victim of fraud, contact us immediately.

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