How Suncorp's supporting customers who remain impacted by COVID-19


Suncorp Bank, along with other Australian banks, has committed to supporting customers impacted by COVID-19 with further relief options if required when the six-month deferral period ends in September.


How Suncorp's supporting customers who remain impacted by COVID-19

Customers who are severely affected by COVID-19 may be eligible for a further deferral period beyond September of up to four months, subject to their circumstances.

The additional deferral period will not be automatically granted but will be subject to an assessment of each customer’s individual circumstances and may be fewer than four months. 

Suncorp Bank Acting CEO Bruce Rush said the Bank would work with personal and business customers on the options available to them as their six-month deferral period comes to an end. 

“We’re here to support and do the right thing by our customers. Where customers are feeling nervous or who need additional support – we will work through the best options, which will be unique to each customer and the individual circumstances they are facing.

“Over the past few months, we’ve been checking in with our customers as they near the three-month point of their deferral period and we’re pleased to see many customers able to resume repayments, either in full or in part,” Mr Rush said. 

Suncorp was pleased to work closely with the ABA and other members to develop this package.

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