Suncorp Group welcomes a boost to parental leave entitlements


We are welcoming increased paid parental leave entitlements for our employees that gives employees who are new parents more flexibility and more time at home with their newborns.


Suncorp Group welcomes a boost to parental leave entitlements

Suncorp Group is proudly enhancing parental leave entitlements for our people.

These changes are the second phase of the Group’s parental leave uplift plan, with phase one implemented on 1 July 2021. Phase one included an increase of paid primary carer’s leave from 13 weeks to 16 weeks; secondary carer’s leave from two weeks to three weeks; a reduction in the eligibility criteria from 12 months of continuous service to successful completion of probation; and the removal of restriction when swapping between primary and secondary carer status.

Phase two changes bring the Group in line with Suncorp New Zealand, which introduced similar changes in 2021, and aligns us more closely with market-leading parental leave schemes.

From 30 September 2022, eligible Australia-based employees will be entitled to

  • An additional four weeks of paid primary carer parental leave (increased to a total of 20 weeks from 16 weeks)  
  • An additional one week of paid secondary carer parental leave (increased to a total of four weeks from three weeks) 
  • Employees are also able to access paid parental leave entitlements upon commencement with Suncorp. Previously, an employee had to successfully complete probation to be eligible for paid parental leave.  

For soon to be mum-of-two Bridget Dixon, an extra month at home with her newborn means the world.  

Bridget is heading off on parental leave in September and says anything to ease the stress on parents at such a challenging, but special time is welcomed. “Last time I went on parental leave, I had to finish work earlier than expected due to complications with my pregnancy,” she says.  

Being a parent and bringing a child into this world is an important job, and parental leave is no vacation. Staying at home with your newborn for longer is better for parents and their babies so I’m appreciative that Suncorp recognises this and is able to support parents as they transition from employee to parent to working parent.

Bridget Dixon, Senior Advisor, Executive Communications

The additional four weeks means not having to worry too much if that happens again, and being able to focus on the new addition to our family.

Bridget Dixon, Senior Advisor, Executive Communications

Suncorp Group is proud to be making these changes and will continue to explore how we can support all of our employees regardless of gender and family structure. 

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