Suncorp signs UN Principles for Responsible Banking


Suncorp has become a founding signatory to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Banking, signalling our commitment to drive an inclusive, fair and sustainable banking sector that contributes positively to customers and their communities.


Suncorp signs UN Principles for Responsible Banking

Held in New York City, David Carter, Suncorp Chief Executive Officer of Banking & Wealth said the UN Principles reflected Suncorp’s own corporate responsibility principles, which are focused on trust and transparency, sustainable growth, responsible financial services and building resilient people and communities.

The Principles for Responsible Banking provides a framework for a sustainable banking system into the future. Suncorp is proud to play a role by building a sustainable business which grows inclusively and responsibly, allowing our customers and communities to thrive both now and into the future.

David Carter, Suncorp Chief Executive Officer of Banking & Wealth

“Suncorp has recently developed a Responsible Banking and Insurance Policy which closely aligns to the Principles for Responsible Banking and will help us to embed and optimise positive customer, community and environmental outcomes.”

The UN Principles for Responsible Banking align the industry with society’s goals as expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement.

By signing the Principles for Responsible Banking, Suncorp joins a coalition of 130 banks worldwide, representing over USD 47 trillion in assets, in committing to taking on a crucial role in helping to achieve a sustainable and equitable future.

The Principles represent a global benchmark for the banking system of the future and provide an opportunity for banks to remain competitive and better adapt to the changing needs and demands of the 21st century.

“As our economy and climate continues to transform, and customer and community needs and expectations change, banks like Suncorp that are focussed on sustainable growth will be better equipped to respond to opportunities that emerge and manage risks,” Mr Carter said.

Suncorp Treasurer, Simon Lewis, and Suncorp Funding Manager, Adam Parry, attended the signing of the Principles at the UN Headquarters in New York on 22 September. 

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