Reducing Conduct Risk

Reducing Conduct Risk

Central to achieving Suncorp’s customer-led purpose is ensuring we strengthen trust with customers and communities. This requires continued focus on governance, risk, processes, systems and people practices supporting organisational and individual conduct.

#Performance Highlights


employees completed Code of Conduct training


Expanded performance metrics and, for the first time, published key non-financial performance targets


Suncorp's approach to Conduct Risk focuses on the following key areas:

  • Value: our products and services are designed, delivered and reviewed to ensure we are consistently delivering customer value 
  • People practices: through our Code of Conduct, performance and reward programs, we provide guidance on expected behaviours and incentivise and reward doing the right thing 
  • Customer commitment and responsiveness: we respond appropriately and transparently to customer concerns through complaints handling and customer advocacy initiatives 
  • Risk and governance: we have clear roles, responsibilities, and systems that support conduct leading to fair customer outcomes, as well as systems and practices to identify areas for improvement. 

Suncorp's Code of Conduct sets the standards for how we should act and interact with others, and is underpinned by our policies, standards, procedures and guidelines. 

The Code also sets out the consequences of non-compliance with the expected standards. It's a powerful guide to being the best company we can be.

Our Code applies to all employees, officers and directors within Suncorp. We also expect that anyone representing or working with us- partners, agents, suppliers- will abide by our Code. 

The Code of Conduct is approved by the Suncorp Board and all employees complete the Code of Conduct compliance training. 

#Enhancing Non-Financial Performance Disclosures

Increasing the transparency of Suncorp’s business activity and non-financial performance is key to meeting customer and community expectations. 

In recent years we have improved disclosure of our corporate responsibility objectives, performance highlights and future activity. This year we expanded our performance metrics and, for the first time, publish key non-financial performance targets in this Report. These targets span customer, people, community, environment and value chain metrics, and are an important part of our ongoing communication with stakeholders.