Net incurred claims

The amount of claims incurred during an accounting period after deducting reinsurance recoveries and non-reinsurance recoveries

Net insurance revenue

Insurance revenue minus reinsurance premium

Net interest margin (NIM)

Net interest income divided by average interest earning assets (net of offset accounts). NIM is the percentage difference between revenue earned on interest bearing assets (loans) minus the cost of interest-bearing liabilities (funding)

Net interest spread

The difference between the average interest rate on average interest earning assets and the average interest rate on average interest-bearing liabilities

Net profit after tax (NPAT)

Net profit after tax attributable to owners of Suncorp, derived in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards

Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR)

The NSFR measures the amount of available stable funding (ASF) relative to the amount of required stable funding (RSF). The amount of ASF is the amount of capital and liabilities that are expected to be a reliable source of funds over a 1-year time horizon. The amount of RSF is based on the liquidity characteristics and residual maturity of assets and off-balance sheet activities. The requirement to maintain an NSFR of at least 100% was introduced on 1 January 2018

Net tangible asset backing per share

Total equity less intangible assets divided by ordinary shares at the end of the period, adjusted for treasury shares