Money management made easy with new Suncorp App


Paying bills, managing debt, tracking spending or even buying a home can be challenging for all of us, particularly when times are busy. 

With more than two thirds of Australians feeling overwhelmed about making financial decisions, the new Suncorp App is helping people take back control. 

Released to customers today, the Suncorp App brings together some of the Group’s network of brands, including Suncorp, AAMI, GIO, APIA and Shannons, to give customers a complete view their insurance policies and accounts, as well as giving them access to Suncorp’s third-party solutions. 

Suncorp CEO Customer Marketplace Pip Marlow said the Suncorp App has been designed around financial needs and making things easy for customers by giving them a central place to manage their home, mobility, money and wellbeing needs. 

Managing our financial wellbeing is a big part of our lives, whether it’s saving for a goal, organising bills or getting a grasp on our spending

Pip Marlow, Suncorp CEO Customer Marketplace

“We want to make this an easier process for our customers by giving them a central place to view their financial profile. The App’s intuitive design and features will help customers feel more informed and confident to make financial decisions as their priorities and goals change. 

“By building the App internally we can build on its capabilities and functionalities as our customers’ needs evolve and new technologies become available.”  

The Suncorp App’s Dollar Tracker categorises spending across transactions and purchases, giving customers a better understanding of their spending and saving habits. The built-in rewards program provides discounts from more than 100 partners on everyday purchases like groceries and petrol. 

Scout, the Suncorp App’s virtual assistant, provides 24/7 support for customers to ask simple things like how much can I spend from my savings account, when does my car insurance expire or even how can I research the perfect home. 

The App also connects customers to Suncorp’s Home Services Portal, which includes a built-in home services explorer and a new Car Buying Hub which removes the complexities of purchasing a car. 

This is more than a mobile banking app – it’s a tool to help our customers manage their life

Pip Marlow, Suncorp CEO Customer Marketplace

“Customers want consistently great experiences across the channels they choose to engage with us on, especially online. The App is a fundamental step in our strategy to create a digital first environment and we’re excited to release it to our customers.” 

Key features 

  • Access to Suncorp’s network of brands and third-party solutions. 
  • Functionality and features designed around customer needs – home, mobility, money, wellbeing. 
  • Scout, the Suncorp App’s virtual assistant, provides 24/7 support customers to navigate the App and respond to questions (i.e. when is my insurance due, how much money is in my Suncorp bank savings account).  
  • Direct links to partner solutions including property inspections, energy plans, home maintenance and conveyancing, as well as Car Buying Hub. 
  • Suncorp Dollar Tracker categorises spending from Suncorp bank accounts and credit cards to provide insights on spending and saving habits. 
  • Suncorp Rewards program provides eligible customers discounts from more than 100 partners on everyday purchases (example: 5 per cent discount on average fortnightly expenditure on groceries, clothing and fuel saves $54.35 per fortnight or $1,521 annually). Source: ABS Household Expenditure Report, couple with one child.
  • Suncorp Property Explorer highlights risk features specific to property and suburbs (flood, fire and theft risk information) and provides a free property report.