Suncorp Group’s internship program achieves top national ranking


Suncorp Group has achieved a Top 20 position on the recently released list of the Top Internship Programs in Australia, based on a national survey of interns, completed in February this year.


Suncorp Group’s internship program achieves top national ranking

Suncorp Group earned a #6 position in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Industry, and is #16 overall in the ‘Top 20 Intern Employers - Medium Program,’ based on a survey by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers.

In February 2024, the Association invited all their member organisations, including Suncorp Group, to forward a survey to their 2024 intern cohort.

Suncorp Group’s 2024 intern cohort included 42 interns, including four First Nations ‘Career Tracker’ interns, who completed the internship program over 12 weeks from November 2023 until January 2024. 

Suncorp Group Graduate Lead, Kelly Pfeffer, was pleased the internship program was recognised in the latest rankings.  

“Our ranking in the Top 20 reflects the conscious efforts we’ve made over the last year to develop a competitive and value-driven internship program,” Ms Pfeffer said. 

“We enhanced the program this past year to provide additional, meaningful workplace opportunities for our interns. For example, we launched a community volunteer day for the interns, as well as a professional development workshop.” 

The program also focused on providing networking opportunities, including intern ‘meet and greets’ with senior leadership, and opportunities for interns to showcase their work to leaders throughout the business.  

Kelly Pfeffer, Suncorp Group Graduate Lead

Some of our 2024 interns have already received and accepted graduate positions within the Group starting in 2025, which is fantastic news.

How does the internship survey work?

#How does the internship survey work?

The Australian Association of Graduate Employers received more than 2,400 responses to the survey, which included questions to rate their internship program experience. They applied an algorithm across different criteria to calculate and rank the employers that provided the best internship experience. The rankings were then categorised into small, medium and large, depending on the size of the internship program (ie. how many interns).

The survey is completed anonymously, and interns are asked to rate their employer on around 15 different categories including:

  • Induction and training 

  • Content of work 

  • Ability to work on different projects or in different areas of the organisation 

  • Quality of supervision provided by manager 

  • Amount of responsibility 

  • Access to senior management 

  • Feedback on performance 

  • Social life  

  • Organisation's culture and values 

2024 Suncorp Group intern Imaan Karim is ready to take on a new graduate role 

Business Analyst Imaan Karim completed the 2024 internship program and just a few weeks ago was offered – and accepted – a graduate position at Suncorp Group, starting January 2025. Until then, she is working on a casual basis at Suncorp Group while she completes her university studies in a Bachelor of Information Technology at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  

She spoke highly of her recent tenure as an intern, highlighting the ‘real work’ opportunities, networking, community focus and the positive workplace culture as key reasons she is excited to continue with the graduate program next year. 

Imaan Karim, Suncorp Group Intern - 2024 cohort

I'm really excited about the two-year graduate program; I'll get to dive into different teams and different roles on rotation and expand my network in the business.

During the internship program earlier this year (and continuing in her current casual role), Ms Karim worked as a Business Analyst (BA) managing enhancements within Motor Claims. She said the program offered an immersive corporate experience, and not just a ‘sideline’ perspective. 

“I work on enhancements; we essentially focus on improving the processes used to handle claims and ensure the tools and systems used are continuously improving for our customers,” she said. 

“I’ve heard about other internship programs from peers, who describe them as ‘fly on the wall’ placements, where they aren’t involved in key projects. I love how the Suncorp program provides the opportunity to gain a real insight to the corporate world. My work was always changing, and a lot of fun.” 

Ms Karim also spoke about the welcoming atmosphere and the positive and inclusive workplace culture she experienced during her internship. 

“The people at Suncorp were so welcoming. The workplace culture is the best thing about Suncorp, and that's a key reason I chose to continue with the graduate program. I appreciate the inclusivity too; I use the prayer room provided in the Heritage Lanes building, which is not something that all employers offer,” she said.

“I was also impressed by the commitment to the community. As part of the internship program, there was a volunteering day, for interns and graduates. I chose to volunteer with the Salvation Army, picking toys for kids of all ages in the lead up to Christmas. It was great to give back to the community and build our networks with the graduate cohort too.

“I’ve met some amazing people at Suncorp and discovered a lot about my strengths and career interests.”

Expressions of interest are open for 2025

Suncorp Graduate & Intern Program EOI are now open. To express your interest, complete the form below. This is to capture your interest in being contacted by Suncorp Group when applications open in early August 2024.

- Our next Intern Program starts 18 November 2024 for a period of 12 weeks.

- Our next Graduate Program starts 28 January 2025.

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